career support cv writing
career support cv writing

* Are you at a career crossroads and don't know what to do?
* Are you new to the world of work and don't know where to look?
* Have you had a career break and unsure on the impact on your career?

Choose the Career Wise Course to suit you and the stage of your career. Each Course clearly guides you through your career options, provides expert advice and top tips. You will work through the carefully structured course including, worksheets and activities to help you create a CV that shows future employers why they should attract and hire you for their business. 

career support cv writing

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Career Starter? Get a step on the ladder: write your CV to land your first job interview
Career Changer? Changing industry, redundancy or career break? Secure an interview in your new career/industry

During your course you will be:-

1. Provided with the skills needed to perfect your CV
2. Shown how to make effective use of your past experience through understanding what employers are looking for
3. Able to understand the main components of a CV and what to include
4. Learn how to communicate your enthusiasm for a role through the layout and wording used in the CV
5. Able to understand the different formats of CV and when to use them
6. Able to match your skills to job descriptions and how to best demonstrate them
7. Learn how to plan your CV, reflecting on your career to date
8. Able to understand how to structure your CV and summarise the contents
9. Explain those gaps you might have in your CV
10. Bonus elements include:- Optimising your LinkedIn Profile, what to include within a cover letter to set the scene for your CV and hunting for a job.

Remember, you are unique no-one else will have travelled the same path as you.

I look forward to being able to support you achieve your next goal.

Why is getting your CV right important to securing your next role?


The aim of your CV is to pique the interest of a recruiter to get them to want to find out more about you during an interview.  You don't need to include every single detail about what you have done to date.  By completing The Career Wise Course you will gain the skills to be able to select the relevant information in your CV.

Career Starter? Get a step on the ladder: write your CV to land your first job interview
Career Changer? Changing industry, redundancy or career break? Secure an interview in your new career/industry

A little about me ....

Having worked in HR for over 15 years, primarily within the Manufacturing, Retail and Logistics fields, supporting people in work and helping them make changes to further their career I know a little about what businesses are looking for when it comes to recruiting new employees.  
In April 2019, I established my business "The Career Owl" to continue helping clients explore their career options, whether entering the world of work for the first time, seeking a career change or returning back to work from a career break.  Since then have supported over 200 clients from numerous different backgrounds and sectors, tailoring the sessions to their needs, and supporting in securing their dream opportunity.


The course was really interesting, CVs have changed so much since I used mine last - 19 years ago! So much I would have never thought of doing (or not!) when writing my CV.  The course content is well presented and informative, the content is lovely and clear and Kathryn is easy to understand. 



“The Career Wise Course is an intuitive course that identifies your need, whether you are completely new or have some understanding of the topics covered, it gives clear and concise knowledge in a step-by-step guide, to create a successful Curriculum Vitae. 
The course is interactive and fun and gives you a greater understanding on using the essential tools online to make your CV stand out from the rest. It was a joy and a learning experience to learn from The Career Wise Course.  I would recommend to anyone who is looking to gain knowledge and using those skills to create a successful CV for their career aspirations.   I got an interview for my ideal job within 48 hours of completing The Career Wise Course”.

Your dream career awaits you!

Discover your personal career path with my "Career Dreams" workbook where you will be guided through a step by step process to uncover your ideal job for your personality and lifestyle.

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